Kimi wins and is world champion!
21st of October 2007

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Kimi Räikkönen still has made it anyway! Due to his victory at the Brazilian Grand Prix in Interlagos and the bad results of the two McLaren Mercedes pilots the Finn could triumph and the end with a one point lead.

Kimi even could could pass Lewis Hamilton at the start of race to conquer the second place behind Felipe Massa. Hamilton was atteacked by his team mate Fernando Alonso in the first corner and finally overhauled by the Spaniard. At the attempt to counter the Brit left the track and finally joined again on the eighth place. Hamilton then became very slow due to a technical problem in lap eight and fell back on the 18th position. However, he could continue the race and start his battle for a good placement. In the meantime Felipe Massa and Kimi set the pace on the top of the field and pulled ahead. The Brazilian controlled the race ahead of the Finn and primary had to pass the leadership to Kimi after his second pit stop. The Finn led ten laps before the end of race ahead of his teammate Felipe Mass and Fernando Alonso, while Lewis Hamilton only drove on the eighth position. The Brit still could gain two more places, but he represented no more risk for Kimi. At the end Kimi Räikkönen finished the Brazilian Grand Prix on the first place ahead of Felipe Massa as well as Fernando Alonso and won the Formula One World Championship title 2007!

"It is very difficult for me to explain in words what I am feeling at the moment: it is an incredible emotion. I want to thank the team for everything they have done this year. Even when we went through some difficult times and it looked as though there was no way to fight back, we never gave up and this work produced its reward today. Thanks also to my parents, to my wife Jenni and everyone who believed in me. I have achieved what I have been after for a long time. Now everything else will be an extra. Today, Felipe's help was vital and he was amazing. We had to get a one-two and then see what the others did. This time, things went our way and the unexpected did happen. This has been a very nice year for me during which I have enjoyed Formula 1 like never before. In Ferrari, I have found a great family and I am proud to have won the title with them."

Race results:

Pos  Driver  Team  Time  Remark 
1.  K. Raikkonen Ferrari 1:28:15.270   
2.  F. Massa Ferrari +1.493   
3.  F. Alonso McLaren +57.019   
4.  N. Rosberg Williams +1:02.848   
5.  R. Kubica BMW +1:10.957   
6.  N. Heidfeld BMW +1:11.317   
7.  L. Hamilton McLaren -1 Lap   
8.  J. Trulli Toyota -1 Lap   
9.  D. Coulthard Red Bull -1 Lap   
10.  K. Nakajima Williams -1 Lap   
11.  R Schumacher Toyota -1 Lap   
12.  T. Sato Super Aguri -2 Laps   
13.  V. Liuzzi Toro Rosso -2 Laps   
14.  A. Davidson Super Aguri -3 Laps   
DNF  A. Sutil Spyker on lap 43  Accident 
DNF  R. Barrichello Honda  on lap 40  Engine 
DNF  H. Kovalainen Renault on lap 35  Accident 
DNF  S. Vettel Toro Rosso on lap 34   
DNF  J. Button Honda on lap 20  Engine 
DNF  M. Webber Red Bull on lap 14  Gearbox 
DNF  S. Yamamoto Spyker on lap 2  Accident 
DNF  G. Fisichella Renault on lap 2  Accident 

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