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22.10.2007: Peter Sauber is pleased for Kimi
22.10.2007: "This is what I've always wanted"
18.10.2007: "I try to do the best I can"
17.10.2007: Kimi hopes for birthday present
10.10.2007: Kimi has new hope to win the title
04.10.2007: "We still try to win races"
30.09.2007: "It was quite a difficult race"
29.09.2007: "We should have a good car"
27.09.2007: Kimi has nothing to loose
18.09.2007: Kimi, the king of the daredevils
16.09.2007: "It was a nice race"
15.09.2007: "I'm happy to be on the pole"
12.09.2007: Kimi's fight is not over yet
09.09.2007: "We were not quick enough today"
06.09.2007: Kimi wants to fight for a win
29.08.2007: Kimi wants to push to the maximum
29.08.2007: Kimi continues test work in Monza
28.08.2007: First day of testing for Kimi in Monza
26.08.2007: Kimi about a partly boring race
25.08.2007: "Hopefully we can fight back"
22.08.2007: Kimi wants to risk a bit more
09.08.2007: Kimi only needs a litte bit of luck
05.08.2007: "We really finished where we started"
02.08.2007: Kimi ahead of his "Home Grand Prix"
01.08.2007: Kimi is still full of optimism
24.07.2007: German race tracks don't like Kimi
21.07.2007: "It wasn't the easiest session"
20.07.2007: Support from grandma Räikkönen
19.07.2007: Kimi and his curse in Germany
11.07.2007: They celebrate us like kings
08.07.2007: "It was a very nice feeling"
07.07.2007: "Enough speed for pole position"
03.07.2007: The Italian press is reconciled
01.07.2007: "It was a good day for me"
30.06.2007: "It wasn't a perfect lap"
28.06.2007: Kimi, who puts fear into other drivers
07.06.2007: Kimi goes back to school in Montreal
18.05.2007: Second and final day in Le Castellet
17.05.2007: First test day for Kimi in Le Castellet
12.05.2007: "I am happier with the car now"
09.05.2007: "We come to spain to win."
02.05.2007: Kimi full of confidence after test
01.05.2007: Kimi in top condition also in the rain
30.04.2007: Kimi sets the pace in Barcelona
15.04.2007: "Weekend has been quite difficult"
14.04.2007: "We have a good race car"
08.04.2007: "We lost too much speed"
07.04.2007: "We will have a strong race anyhow"
06.04.2007: "Anything can really happen"
28.03.2007: Kimi quickest at Sepang test
27.03.2007: Kimi starts testing in Sepang
21.03.2007: "I am not Michael!"
18.03.2007: Press celebrates Kimi Räikkönen
18.03.2007: "I really enjoy it"
17.03.2007: "We have a good race package"
12.03.2007: Kimi has already won