Peter Sauber is pleased for Kimi
22nd of October 2007


Since Sunday Peter Sauber is a world champion doer, too. In 2001 he took Kimi Räikkönen into the Formula One against every resistance. The Swiss is now pleased about the title win of his former charges.

Kimi is world champion...

Peter Sauber: This is excellent.

You know him better than many others. What kind of guy is Kimi?

Peter Sauber: Kimi is so as he gives himself. You can see it best at his interviews. He seldom has spoken so much in the press conference like today - this was so much like in the last two or three years together. This is his manner. The world championship title was already long due. He was at McLaren for five years and he had many technical problems. Otherwise he would have won the title already long. I am very happy that he has made it.

Was he your favorite?

Peter Sauber: At the beginning of the season it was difficult to say, but for the last race Hamilton was my favorite. I am a realist and with a lead of seven points it actually had to work.

Does he partly have to ascribe this to himself?

Peter Sauber: Well, perhaps. But Kimi would already long be world champion if Ferrari had not been so unreliable. I am enormously pleased that Kimi is world champion.

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